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Here’s the prep talk that I secretly prepared when I found out I was a house leader. I must be crazy, but hey! I know that Apinun also prepared one as well! Well, I thought I might as well just post it here since that slip of paper never made it to the daylights. It is just so funny to realise that my attitude towards games is a reflection of my attitude towards my ministry as well.

Some house leaders told me that they rather not aim for victory. They say its better to not have raised their hopes than to dash it with possible failure. Others say it’s better just to let the people have fun.

In my humble opinion, no king has ever led their people into war by first surrendering. Reason cited? No one dies at least.

I say we fight. We fight to claim the victory and we fight to prove the pundits wrong. I say we should never let the possibility of failure stand in the way of probable success. We should never let the fear of defeat paralyze us from the taste of victory!

Even if we lose, we shall lose fighting. Even if we lose, we shall die trying. Even if we lose… we can rest in the assurance that people would not be remember us as a house who gave the victors the trophy, but rather, we would be remembered as a house who gave them a fight!