You know when people tell me their dreams, their envisioned future it sounds really plausible and do-able. But I choose to believe that life is more than just having a good job, coming back home to a complete family, having good friends surrounding. There must be more than this!
Even as I traverse the kilometres and days away, somehow I am settling in. I am comfortable. And I don’t want that. I don’t want the dreams to die down and be stifled by the ho-hum routine.

I want to revel in the uncomfortable, and know that it is what will keep me alive and on the edge of my seat. Don’t let go of the dreams you have, just for the routine you’re so eager to embrace. Don’t lose that sparkle, that bright-eyed determination for the world to fall at your feet.
Credits: Without Wax

I love the way she puts it; “I want to revel in the uncomfortable”.