Have you ever forgotten to pray to God for an entire day?

Or lived your life like a logical atheist that day, without the need of God or the awareness of his presence?

There’s nothing more scary than a godless leader.

Just thinking about how I might have been leading my people so logically, so practically that sometime, I don’t need to depend on God make things go smoothly! What irony; a christian leader leading like a practical atheist! I’m not a anti-planning sort of person. Yet, if one could actually go through the motions without even desperately pleading with God, then doesn’t it speaks volume of the task at hand? The reliance on God is obviously lacking and task is too insignificant to ask for help!

Perhaps our backup plans have taken the place of our God.

Here’s the unorthodox challenge of the day: Try forgetting about God completely for one entire day, without having to pray to him or ask him for any help. If you can do it with great ease, you have a cause for worry.

May swift and inevitable failures serve as prompt reminders for me.

Note: This challenge is hardest to carry out during exam time – it’s almost impossible not to pray during your exams.