I just had a rude awakening to a leader’s job scope yesterday.

What if…

A leader’s job is not to bring people to the ideal? What if, the people are not ready for the ideal? What if, the step of perfection is too big a leap to take in a time frame too short to contain?

What if, we are Moses – called to lead them out of the Egypt, but not Joshua – called to who lead them into the promise land?

Then could it mean that our most practical action is to aim for the imperfect next step – although it might not be our destination?

Oh my gawd…

I think I have grown past the stage where I struggled with wanting to be the one to experience the victory; it doesn’t matter to me who leads God’s people to victory as long as they get into the promise land. Yet, is it always a sucker punch to face the fact that you might never get to see the ideal coming to pass. This sucks all the more when you are the visionary type who can see things very clearly.

The clearer the privileged pictures; the greater the curse.