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It’s that Perry Noble post again. It has been around for quite a while and I’ve read it a number of times, never failing to laugh every time I skim through it.

This time, something more serious caught my eye.

Women are settling for less, that is why / this is because, men are becoming less.

Honestly! Guys from this age are pathetic! And I’m allowed to say that because I am part of this generation as well. There was a time where chivalry and integrity could be used to describe a man. Honor was highly prized and gentlemen was something more than just an introductory phrase to a speech.

Do those words even sound familiar to you?

The men of this age are more mouse than man! They shrink from responsibility, hide beneath the excuse of “Emo” and fails to report when called to lead! I have actually witness boys* that stole seats from girls and jerks* who actually sat down, looking at girls shifting heavy chairs and claim to be intellectually more superior when I called them to help out because they have effectively managed to get the girls to do the manual labor instead of themselves.

*I refuse to use the word “men” to describe trash.

Where have all the Godly man gone?

Do you know what Edward Cullen and Leopold have common? They are both old fashioned men,  and that’s exactly the reason why they are so appealing! Women are actually looking for men like these – Men who actually treat them with the proper respect they deserve!

I’m not going to start finger pointing, but somewhere along the way, it became a chicken and egg problem. It was either because men had became less, and  women were forced to settle for inferior goods, or perhaps because women settled for less, boys were given less of an incentive to be a man!

Girls… Seriously. DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS. It has repercussions greater than you can ever imagine.