Words no longer hold as much weight as it used to…

To believe that the United Nations, NATO, ASEAN will ever draft out any charters that they actually can be expected to adhere to… now THAT’S what I call daydreaming!

Think UDHR. Think Joke.

Please, we can’t even get people to keep their words.

I’ll join you for exercise. I’ll meet you up for the movie.  Let’s meet up at 7. I honestly repent. This camp would be different from the rest. I am willing to give my whole life for God. I’ve changed. I am willing to die for the gospel by grace if the need arises. Till death do us part.

Do any of them sound familiar – They play to the tune of broken promises.

I don’t think this post is another one that is condemning and depressing. After all, let’s be honest. We all have been victims as well as perpetrators of this very crime, yet I can’t help but wonder: Am I one of the naive few that put my trust in people’s word “as it is”, or am I suppose to learn the skill of “self-adjustment” – where I attune my expectations of people. Not according to their words, but accordingly – to prevent unnecessary disappointments.

Neither method seem to sit too peacefully in my heart.