Actually, the previous post wasn’t meant to be the only post about the Leadership Conference. It was supposed to act as an introduction only. Yet I realized from many other blogs that so many of us actually struggle to write up a post that actually do justice to the whole event! This conference has been such a phenomenon that most of us find our vocabulary wanting, in trying to find the appropriate words to describe it. Hence we either postpone our post in hope of finally getting it together, or put it off completely/indefinitely.

I bet the Oceania Convention people feel the same way…

Well, I think God used the Leadership Conference to reassure me of his continual presence and anionting on me. Honestly, as a leader that constantly ventures into new grounds and teaching my people new concepts, the greatest worry I have is that these are figments of my own imagination rather then that of God’s.

Don’t we all have that fear?

One thing about me is that I strongly desire words/strategies/solutions that are directly received from God. Nothing wrong with receiving from leaders – in fact there are often times where God speaks to me through leaders, but nothing beats fresh manna from God himself.

Just a week before the conference, I had this thought ruminating in my heart over and over again.

Success is not defined by the number of people in the race; it is defined by the number of people who finished the race.

Sadly, though my group might have been rather big, but I wouldn’t have dared defined it as a successful one.

Just think about the number of people who (are) left.

Yet God reassured me that I’m going in the right path by continually speaking about this theme in the entire conference! How we must build Christian and leaders who would last all the way till the end. Anointing and miracles are not guarantee that we would last till the end. Strong character is the only hope of us lasting in the long haul. We must be intentional in building end times Christians. Sounds familiar?

I’m in line with God!