Can passions not be pursued?

It was just a trail of thought that stemmed from a casual conversation I had with my friend. Somehow, this question stuck and I found myself feeling extraordinary perturbed for the next few days, undertaking the confusing task of extracting an answer from my thought process.

Can we neglect the God given passions that He has knitted onto our hearts? Should we? Not pursue it at all? Can passion be nurtured? Should we?

If you’re purely here for the answers: Yes. Depends. I’m not sure. Yes. I’m not sure either.

All eyes close, all heads bow. Music Please. Reflect, respond. Next!

Random thought process (Tell me if any of them make sense to you):
>We can neglect our passions – the guy with one talent buried his. >We can and should put our passions on hold to serve more urgent areas of need. >Yet to not pursue it at all seems like treason to me. >You love the things that people whom you love, love. >Passion can be nurtured… right? >Do it enough times, and you might find yourself loving it. >Nurtured passion sounds like brainwashing to me. >It sounds forced. >It sounds sad.

So, how do you know you truly have passion for that job of yours – you might have gained it along the  way. And this realization my friend, have implications on a scale of epic proportions.