Well, not long ago I had this very interesting thread going down there, that make me review as well as refresh my stand on anonymous statements. The thoughts that resulted in my head resulted in a post by itself.

I believe it would be legalistic and naive of me to think that all anonymous statements are destructive in nature. There are those who genuinely seek to clarify or question. However, especially with arrival of the internet, it brings along a heightened sense of anonymity, where people recognize that they can post views and comments without having to accountable to it, since the comments cannot be traced back to them.

Many people have asked me why have I been so uptight about anonymous comment – the presence of a name doesn’t change the content of the comment much.

I beg to differ.

A comment solely derives its power from its commenter, not its content. Due to the very nature of words and the availability of that deadly linguistic device also known as sarcasm, one with a strong command of the language can string together words to give the sweetest insults or the firmest correction. Furthermore, in a world where information and opinions are seldom lacking, the accountability of a comment gives it authority and standing beside the ever present noise.

Think of it this way, would you accept a complement from your enemy or a criticism from your friend? It’s not so much about the content anymore, isn’t it?

construction8.jpg image by alyssabc_photo

Therefore, I have arrived at my very firm stand below:
I refuse to take any constructive criticism from a constructor whom is unknown to me for the very simple reason – I do not know what I might be built into.

Listen to the master architects, not the unknown laymen.