I think this is another one of those topics that you will always hear me talk about if you hang out around me often, but I just never really got to consolidate my thoughts and write it down.

I was just wondering about my spiritual walk when I’m in Montreal for the next four months. There isn’t a Hope church over there, no cell group to enjoy biblical fellowship or shepherd to look out for me. Of course I can join a church over there and all, but this whole idea of stripping my Christian walk down to the core just reminded me that at the end of the day, spiritual growth is one’s personal responsibility. Others are there to assist you, not to be in charge of you. In that sense, if your spiritual walk is not doing well, it is no one’s fault but your own.

Our spiritual walk is our own responsibility; don’t push it to others.

I tend to liken the church to a school, the cell group to a class, the shepherd to a teacher and ourselves as its students taking a test. At the end of the day, we are the ones taking the test; our friends and our teachers cannot take it on our behalf. Though the class environment and the teachers may play some part in your results, the outcome of the test is eventually up to you. Situations may not be favorable all the time, but it is to my belief that one’s internal will can triumphs over external circumstance.

The triumph of the will.

As such, while I’m there, self shepherding would be key. God will be my pastor, my teacher, my shepherd. I would hear from him, respond to him, be corrected by him, directly. I’m guaranteed to learn as much as I seek to learn, as much as I want to learn.

When we were young, we were fed with milk. As we matured, we had meat served to us. Somehow, the last part about us eventually having to learn how to hunt for our own game is always conveniently excluded or forgotten.

Just as how meat separates the child from the babies, the ability to hunt separates the adult from the children.