In a fast paced society, surrounded by many laid back people. In a race that demands our urgency and request our steady commitment. In a state where our mind are to whirl at mind boggling speeds yet needs to be painful slow in deciding what to words to speak. I think I can safely assuming there are many others like me, who are confused at the pace set before us.

Today, I realized the importance of running at the speed of time. Consider the very nature of time – It seem a little too fast at times, yet it never did accelerate. It sometimes trickles off slowly, but has never alter its original pace one bit.


When we rush things, we find ourselves ahead of it. We end up putting up with a miserable type of waiting that results from being consistently too early. Otherwise, we find ourselves strolling behind time, missing most of the fleeting windows of chances. Either way, we suffer the disastrous possibility of burning out before reaching our destination or the eternal regret of never having achieve our fullest potential.

Run at the speed of time – Never too early nor too late; always timely.

I think these striking revelations demands some applications from me. I must develop people at the speed of time, not my speed which is normally too fast, or their speed which is normally too slow. I must plot goals and benchmark for my group based on the speed of time rather than the speed of man, lest I set unrealistic time lines or fail to challenge the people through cowardly underachievement. In fact, I’m slowly beginning to notice the similarities between the speed of time and the speed of God

The one who created time.