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Recently, I have realized that comfort is pretty much a mental thing. It is not so much of whether if it is, but rather how much you think it is, comfortable.

If you didn’t get that, just drop it.

Basically, comfort is a matter of expectation adjustment, or in some other cases, expectations from past experience. If you promise both a palace prince and a slave a lifestyle of comfort and then you proceed to give them each a cottage by the countryside,  it will naturally yield two very different reactions. The cottage was the same, yet the different expectations gave rise to different reactions. The prince whom has prior encounters with other standards of comfort cannot appreciate the subtle comforts which the cottage brings.


Hence, the first step to move out of our comfort zone is not as physically demanding as much as it is mentally challenging. It is the step that requires us to dispose our prior notions of comfort and expectations.

Sometimes… our past comforts are the ones causing our present discomforts.