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This is a life of a McGill management student who is on exchange. It is filled with free lance touring, photo taking, eating exotic food, minimal studying and plenty of movie & anime watching.

This is the high life.

Most of what I learn about life can be observed from movies. If you watch enough movies and anime, you would know that there is only that number of themes we can go through before they get repeated throughout plot history.

You typically get these themes of…

1. Sacrificial love triumphing over selfish desire.
Think along the lines of Armageddon, Naruto, Bleach

2. Time traveling consequences.
Think along the lines of Back to the Future, Kate & Leopold, Paycheck

3. Man versus Machine.
Think along the lines of Matrix, Wall.E, Terminator.

4. Current destruction for  greater good.
Think along the lines of Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Diehard: Live Free

5. Superior race creation/genocide.
Think along the lines of X-Men, Gundam Seed

6. Logic versus emotions
Think along the lines of Spock of Star Trek, Sadaharu Inui of Prince of Tennis


My most recent anime – Appleseed, belonged to the latter part of these themes. It has the typical plot about the creation of a race with suppressed emotions so it would not lead to hatred and war. In it, one of the characters of the created race talked about longing for the wonderful emotion of love yet detesting the barbaric emotion of anger. Genetically deleting negative emotions as the ultimate solution to conflicts.They speak as though as emotions could be distinctly separated and can be individually selected. How shallow of the movie producers… Do people not understand that love and anger comes intertwined together? You get angry when the object of your love is threaten! The only reason why the human propensity for hate is so disgustingly colossal because their capacity to love is so immeasurably equal!

By knowing what you hate, I can tell you what you love.