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Today I was looking through the archive of Alter Ego. I could not help but laugh at my amateurish attempts at photographs. They were crooked, disproportionate, out of focused, noisy; basically they were horrible, even by my own standard. Looking back, I am amazed that I actually chose to start a photo blog to display this works of “art”. I think one of the few people I have really got to thank is Joanne Lee. While sending me my crappy pictures, she actually told me that she thought that my pictures had potential and that I should seriously considering starting a photo blog.

And Alter Ego was birthed.

To be honest, I am really thankful for the fact that she was neither a professional nor someone who was experienced. She was someone who had recently picked up photography because of her course, and we were just two green horns in the field. Could you have imagined what a professional would have said about my pictures? He probably would have told me the improvement pointers, handed them over to me silently or at most gave me a half-hearted smile of encouragement. And I bet you, I would have sensed it and not bothered about starting that blog. I only started it because of that complete belief, one that did not come from experience, but of sincere foolishness. This is one of the times where I think the reckless were rewarded.

You know how they always tell you to trust the experts? Don’t.

Experts are experienced. They are birthed from the same root word. However, more often than not, experiences tend to be paralyzing rather than empowering. When one say that “I have learned from experience…” it usually points to bad experience. Personally, I think experience is overrated. Experience makes a good anchor, but a bad prison. It grounds us firmly, but I think it is also the reason that prevents us from soaring. This is because while experiences keep us from failing, risks lead us to success. It is interesting to note that experts are generally not the people that make it big. All the experts out there are usually working for someone else. I think they have halted their own climb.

Because life is not about avoiding defeats, but embracing victory.

So, if you see a fool venturing out, do not try to stop him. If he fails, I pray his experiences do not cripple him. If he succeeds, I hope he inspires you to do the same. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. After all, isn’t that precisely the reason why our future is a mystery?