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Raison d’être; Reason for being

To be honest, the previous post was THIS close to being the last post for this blog. Because I believe in doing everything for a reason, a purpose, I had two very specific reasons to set up this blog a few years ago. The primary objective was to influence people into action with my words and thoughts. The other was to create an outlet to clarify my thought pattern and process. I find that by giving words to my thought, I am forced to organize and structure them into something tangible, making them more than just mere thoughts – I can transform them into ideas.

And ideas are bulletproof.

However, the previous post posed a reality check to me. I knew that I had about 900, close to a thousand views along the past week. It is disappointing to note that out of which, only 14 comments were made by 10 people, with 18 suggestions. It forced me to reconsider if this blog is actually achieving its primary objective. I’m well aware that I’m neither a Mohammed Gandhi of any sorts, nor a wonderful orator like President Obama. Yet I find myself surprised by the apathetic nature of the human nature. If words, do really have such finite and limited influence to ignite a visible response, then perhaps this blog was started with the wrong premise.

We are like a vessel put out to search for the Loch Ness monster – deluded.

Without the primary purpose, I don’t have a reason to blog. This is not my only outlet for my thoughts; I have my trusty Moleskine and my journal. In fact, I haven more freedom and can be even more politically incorrect. Honestly, I often post most blogger with the same question. What is your reason for blogging?

What is the raison d’être of your blog?

I think this question is all the more aptly asked in a time such as this, where a flurry of social network site have emerged overnight. Without a clear sense of purpose, your facebook, twitter and MSN accounts may find themselves carnivores of each others’ content. I have seen so many senseless blogs! And mind you, I’m am not talking about blogs which are fun and less serious than mine in nature – there are blogs to update their friends about their personal life, and there are blogs that are to showcase their hobbies . I’m talking about the random contents, repetitive entries across their social network accounts, sporadic posts and the ridiculous migration across multiple blog addresses!

If blogs were people, I think we would be guilty of playing a lousy god; one that commits so much virtual murders and creating so much purposeless existences.

As for me, somewhere in between the intention and the act of the destruction of my blog, I rediscover its true raison d’être. Its words are not, and will never be called to dictate the lives of others, nor inspire them into action. My blog is just a prophet, one whom is called to speak faithfully. My life and my leadership will have to do the rest.

That is my raison d’être.