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You know how they always say that “You can plant a church as long as you can hold a cell group and play a guitar,” ? Allow me to alter that a bit.

Unless you are rich, you can plant a church as long as you can hold a cell group and cook for yourself.

Yes, you heard me right on this one. We need to learn how to cook. It is a survival skill. Anyone who is serious about church planting needs to learn how to cook. Let me show you my point. Prior to cooking, I have been eating the cheapest Subway 6-inch sandwich a la carte for lunch and dinner until I could memorize the ingredients in french. They are priced at $3.94, tax included / without tip. That would be a minimum spending of $55.16 per week on food.

Recently, I’ve just bought…
Spaghetti – $1.99
A can of pasta mix – $5.99
Minced pork – $2.05
Total: $10.03

They lasted me for a week.

I’m going back to Singapore with renewed determination to learn how to cook from my mum. Besides the point that they are paying for all my ingredients and experiments, I’m sure she would appreciate some help as well. I cannot believe that I have been missing such an important life lesson, free of charge! Some people pay to learn how to cook! Seriously, I cannot stress my point enough. Cooking is a survival skill. And mind you, I am not talking about all the lame barbecuing and omelet dishes. I am talking about chopping pork cubes to save your life. If you are serious about planting churches, go learn how to cook. Now.

Mark Bittman: How is it that (in your life) could you actually create new things everyday…
Jamie Oliver: If you’re going to eat three times a day till the day that you die, why not be good at it?

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