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Today I was catching up with my Singaporean friends over MSN. One of them asked if I missed them. It made me pause to reflect about the nature of my relationships back in Singapore. While I was in Singapore, most of our interactions were spent over the internet – chatting, facebooking or even short text messages. It might even be frequent or regular, but it was mostly impersonal and virtual. One extremely long plane ride later, nothing has changed. The interactions made are the same albeit the different location and time difference. So honestly, what is there to miss?

I think we were made to be more than this.

As much as we are socially inclined, I think we are physical beings as well. There is a difference between a voice and a person. What we miss is not the person, but the presence of the person. Yet armed with such knowledge, why do we persistently deprive and withhold our presence from one another? I’m not merely talking about our local friends. For some of us, that bedroom door of ours is the Pacific that our family members have to sail cross to get to us. For others, it is their computer that we have to scale. Although I think I might have invested most of my time into people through the internet, it may appear that I have made my computer the lord of my presence.

No longer.