To live is to experience a lifetime of problems.

This is not an opinion. It is neither a hypothesis nor a theory. It is a statement, a fact, the law of life.

Contrary to popular belief, I believe Christianity doesn’t promise solutions to our problems. It offers a person in place of an answer, a holy presence instead of our problems’ absence.

Face it. Our issues are not going to going away anytime soon. Jesus walked on Earth two thousand years ago, and the number of problems in human civilization has not shown any intention of turning itself scarce.

In that case, I reckon we ought to start making our problems constructive. If the aim of our life is not to avoid problems, then the least we can do is to do something of significance with our problems.

To be honest, I do not believe that poverty can be eradicated. I cannot visualize a world where all man stand equal. I mock the unattainable concept of “world peace”.

At least, not before heaven arrives on Earth.

All of these are the fruits of sin. If the fruits of sin could be amputated from the world by ourselves given enough time, we won’t need Jesus to come back.

Yet, I think poverty, inequality and war has done more to further the cause of the gospel than any well preached sermon series or evangelistic Christ follower. If we cannot avoid problem, we might as well make the most of it!

While I do not believe in the Utopian state of world, I think more can be done for the poor. I think we can strive for a greater level of equality. I think we can all trudge towards the common goal of “world peace”, allowing the gospel to work in the hearts of the needy, the oppressed and the war ravaged – all done while waiting for heaven to arrive.

In fact, if we had zero poverty, total equality and world peace today, I wonder who would ever see the need of the gospel?