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It has been about two months since I’m arrived back in the hot and humid land of Singapore. I didn’t want to rush my reflections as I was interested at how my points of learning actually react and respond back in this fast paced culture.

Many people claimed that I have changed.

While some of the changes are more obvious aka the length of my hair, I have many other closer friends whom knew me personally coming up to me to tell me about my less obvious transformations. Many feel that I have gotten less decisive, or became more phlegmatic. Some would even go as far as to say that Montreal has ruined me!

To be honest, I would say that most of these claims aren’t necessarily baseless. I generally take a longer time to decide my choice of food or place to eat as compared to pre-Montreal days. I’m not always standing in front of my group, constantly rushing to the next destination. I’m even spending more time to catch up with my friends and staying at home to enjoy a home cooked meal more frequently!

Perhaps to summarize it, I would say that I have grown to be less uptight with work and things, more concerned about people and lives. I assure you that I’m still decisive when it comes to things that matter to me and completely choleric about the tasks that have to be done. It’s just that I have learned that its typically hard to be choleric with people – people need space and time to maneuver comfortably. I think Jinqi phrased it very aptly when she pointed out that it is not that I have became more relational, but rather I have grown more comfortable to admitting that I am actually quite a relational person to begin with.

Mellowing down, but not slowing down.

I guess the general rule of thumb for me would be to be phlegmatic with my friends and choleric with my tasks; sanguine with acquaintances and absolutely melancholic with my spiritual life.

P.S. Well, with that aside. Chinese New Year is over and I had an amazing time catching up with my friends! Now that I have a new group to take care off, it’s time to kick back into my working gears and hit the ground running. Do drop me a text, mail or a pm if anyone of you guys out there who read my blog regularly want to catch up over coffee or something. Would love for anyone to steal me away from my work. I just know my workaholic tendencies far too well! =)