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Let me challenge your concept of success.

How do you tell if an orange tree is a good tree? The model answer states that we ought to judge base on its fruit. Yet more often than not, we measure its height, check its size, count the number of leaves; we do everything in between except tasting its fruit. Truth be told, most organizations measures growth, not success.

Growth is not always a healthy thing; even cancer grows!

Being in a transitional ministry such as youth, I think we have to radically relook into our ministry philosophy. Our success is not hinged on how big our ministry is as much as it is dependent on the amount of healthy transfers we are sending over to other parts of the church!


It doesn’t matter how big an orange tree is if it only produces rotten fruits; it ought to be chopped down.

If the above suggestion were to be taken seriously, then I would think that it is high time for us to inspect the quality of the graduates whom we sent. Graduate groups are not the dumping ground for unresponsive people. If we are to truly bless the other areas of the church, it is imperative that we send our leaders – extremely strong leaders into our graduate groups! It would be near sighted and selfish of us to always keep the cream of our crop with regards to transfers.

No wonder we have such high attrition rates.

Never forget that the people who are still currently in our youth ministry are merely works in progress. We are to be judged by our finished goods. Our end product are still our graduates – the completed product of youth ministry; our pride and our joy. Don’t let it be the part of the ministry which we are most ashamed off.

Be a good orange!