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NUS 2009/2010 Semester 2
(ACC1006) Accounting Information System: C
(ACC2002) Managerial Accounting: C+
(BSP2001) Macro and International Economics: C+
(MNO3313D) Entrepreneurship: B-
(TR3002) New Venture Creation: C+
CAP Score: 3.2

Hi all! Here’s another one of those rare post in which I update with you the things that are going on in my life (rather than the things that are running through my mind).

Allow me to explain the rationale for posting my results and CAP score so blatantly. First of all, I always wanted to be open about my CAP scores. I wonder why there has to be so much secrecy among CAP scores and salaries. The mystery surround them is nothing more than a self-created, man-made veil. If you seriously think that’s something you have to got to hide, you honestly have some issues with yourself.

Well, my scores are obviously considered to be disgustingly horrible by the common measure. For a person who scored As & Bs in the past three semesters of his university life, having four C grades in one semester has definitely got to sting, even for a bit. I must say though, not many people would have experience the sensation of the bungee inspired, free-falling CAP score of 0.4 in one semester.

Please, don’t feel sad for me.

No doubt, it is truly that we reap what we sow. However, I have sown very differently this semester. I have sown the seeds of my life, onto the rich fields of relationships rather than the dead fields of results. At the end of the day, friends are the ones whom you can rejoice with, go through life together, regardless of your scores. Results on the other hand are dead and lifeless slips of paper. Mind you, my CAP wasn’t always this low to begin with, and this post ain’t some form of self consolation in which I rant about people with higher CAP scores. Rather, I have a question which I want to pose to them.

At what cost?

That two digits, the certificate, that wonderful grade which you take pride in, all of these had to be paid. They came at what cost? I had a 3.7 in my first semester, a 3.6 in my second semester. Yet I realize that I never give a hoot about them 2 days after I received my results. For all the friends whom I have been ignoring and neglecting to get such scores, that score of 3.7 had better be good company. Sadly, it wasn’t. This brings me to the point which I believe that we all have another subject, an extra module; a hidden curriculum.

Life is our hidden curriculum.

I remembered telling many of you that my life has gone on to take a very different focus ever since I came back from Montreal. I resolved to come back learning, not studying. I told my friends that I would invest more time into them, making effort to catch up. I resolved not to let the university rob me of my life. All these must come at a cost. I believe it takes self discipline. but even then, that may not be enough.

Hence, I have decided to dedicate 0.6 of my CAP to life. Cheers!

P.S: This semester was more of a calibration attempt. It allowed me to guesstimate how much I could enjoy without screwing it up too badly. It seems like I have another 0.2 of leeway to work with for my last two semesters.