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Why is everyone so uptight about becoming a leader? I for one am someone who believes that not everyone can or should be a leader. A leader requires that initiative to act, that ability to influence, the strength to communicate, the vision to plan ahead. Does everyone have this mix? No. Can it be nurtured? Yes.

But here’s the bomb. Should everyone be a leader?

Some are not suited for the job, others detest the job and I know of many others who are just happy to follow.

I’m not sure where you heard it from. It might be John C Maxwell. Perhaps it was the education system that you have been put through. It could even be from your family upbringing. Either way, there is this social construct that everyone should be a leader, and I believe it is responsible for causing so much unnecessary friction.

There can only be one captain in a team.

There are people who make excellent followers. We must accept that. There are people who can propel organizations much further as a follower rather than a leader. We must also accept that. There are people who are happy just to be a follower, contented just to support their leader. We must certainly accept that. It makes zero sense to be pushing everyone to be a leader. This unrealistic expectation creates unnecessary disappointments, places followers in positions they rather not be and forces responsibility onto people who don’t want them in the first place.

Not everyone who joins the company aims to climb the corporate ladder. Just ask the secretary.

Not everyone should be a leader. I know that sounds downright elitist. It sounds like some ancient caste system where everything has been decided since birth or something. Don’t get me wrong. Everyone has a role to play, and they should play it well. We just have to admit that this may not necessarily be the role of a leader.