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Yesterday, I attended my friend’s wedding.

While I seldom type posts regarding relationships, I thought today would be a rather apt time to do so.

Due to my current age, I’m at the life stage where one is constantly subjected to inquisitive interrogations from my friends and relatives alike. Whose your type? Anyone you’re interested in now? What kind of girl are you looking for? With so much curiosity directed at you, it is inevitable that at some point of time in your life, you find yourself giving proper thought to their questions. However, I must admit that at many times, I don’t really know how to reply their queries. Or rather, I don’t even have the answers to them myself.

I once had the pleasure of speaking with the groom before he was married. He shared with me that he believed that all it needs for a couple to work out is for both of them to love God, and love each other. His simplistic answer took me by surprise. What about compatibility? Complementary skills, vision and tons of other whatnot I argued. In his opinion, none of them mattered as long as the couple truly love one another and are committed and willing to work out whatever differences there might be.

Fast forward five months later, here I am sitting down in front of my computer after his wedding and Raphael’s very moving sermon illustration about Pastor Jeff and his very supportive wife, Claudia. I found myself jotting down into my journal:

All I want in my wife is for her to love God, love the church and love me – at the same intensity as I do.