About the author

A blogsite written and maintained by Zachary Young. All posts are written by him unless stated otherwise.

Just someone penning down the scraps and shreds of his turbulent thought patterns, hoping it would evoke deep thoughts in the soul of others. Secretly wishing this writing process will also aid to iron out the chaos within his mind. Perhaps he can catch the occasional sights of his own common sense amidst the tempest.

Feel free to comment at ease. In fact, please do. For the main problem of the world is not enthrallment with reality, but apathy with things regarding eternity. Leave a comment, a thought or a question even. The author looks forward to responding to your comments, however do take note that vulgarities would not be tolerate. (He would consider just censoring them if the overall comment remains insightful)

He can be contacted via email at zachary.thedreamist (gmail)


4 thoughts on “About the author”

  1. Just a suggestion. It seems you have decreased your posts per page to 3, I guess. Please increase it. It improves visibility and readability of your blog as a whole.

  2. ur blog has always been a source of inspiration n enlightenment for me
    reading ur posts nvr fail 2 let me view things in different angles; 4 instance e post on choosing to b a shepherd boy over a king
    thanks alot 😀

  3. Well, thanks for the comment. It is me who is truly encouraged by people like you. =)

  4. alwaysandie said:

    I nominated you for a Liebstar award. Go to my blog and check it out. 🙂

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