Dedicated to those await their A level results, O level’s posting and then the A level’s posting respectively.

In a few days time, it would be the collection of results of many sorts. Some await results pertaining to the next school they would be entering, others merely wait for the results that will also give them the choices of the school they have left with to select from.

Where as many people view this as the moment of truth regarding their test, I thought that there may be an alternative perspective to view this moment in life from. Especially for a Christian that has a worldview that includes a God that (1)resides in eternity, (2)is understood to be sovereign over all things and (3)never ever makes mistakes, those results never ever truly show us the extent in which we pass or fail our test* ; that revelation will only be given to you on judgment day.

Instead may we learn to see this as the sequel to God’s plan, the next step that is about to be revealed by Him. Just like how we wait in expectation for the next book in the Harry Potter series, the day that the results are release is the equivalent to the day we find out the progression of plot the story of our life written by the Divine author Himself. For some, it is the predictable plot of the standard happy ending, for others there is that exciting twist of plot that allows the protagonist to fight against the mundane world’s stereotyping of the condemned. We all love supporting the underdogs, favoring the all so famous rags to riches stories. Why is that so? Could it be due to the fact that we can find ourselves identifying with the story? More then often, people are resigned to the fact they aren’t the type of knights found encircling King Arthur’s round table, but more have a lifestyle more similar to the poor Cinderella. Such stories continue to instill hope in the lives of the ordinary, which is why they are so endearing to us.

Whatever results that you may receive, always remember that it is not the full stop in the sentence, but the comma for the next phrase. With this new attitude, such days are no longer terrifying, but exciting. That slip of paper you hold in your hand is the next page of your book. Enjoy.

*I mentioned before in one of my previous post that the test/exam is not one of knowledge, but of character.