I’ve been chewing on this. Do give it some thought.

Who is the person you would share your sorrows with?

The friend you are closest to? The one whom you meet up the most frequently? The one who listens to you the most?

For me, I would pick the friend I’m most comfortable with…

Then the second question:

Who is the person you would share your joy with, first?

Generally, we would love to share our joy with everyone; the people whom we see, whoever that cross our path while we receive the joyous news. Hence I added the word “first”. When you know you aced your national exams, received an award or won a medal, who is the first person you would dial on your mobile phone to share the news with? That person would be different from the rest.

I think I would share it to the person that will rejoice with me the most…

I pray this makes you more aware of those who are important to you.