Had this interesting chat with Alan (above pic) and Han Wei in the car while they were taking us home from the sightseeing. We were discussing how the Aboriginals have actually been reduced to the current state they are at now. Reasons cited would be unforgiveness on their part and racism from the rest of the people.

Well, this was a chance for me to ask about the racism in Perth/Australia cause I heard that the Asians tend to get ostracized and racially assaulted there? Actually I went to the university and had a visit myself? I even had the opportunity to do a survey on the student population there. What I found is that the Asians (guys that is, I only did survey on the guys. I do not want to be accused of making sweeping statements.) are so clique-ish and unfriendly that it is unbearable? The Aussies were so much more friendly and pleasant to work with. If I were them, no doubt I would take a pot shot at them, with anything I can find, colour included.

Then again, if you realized, racism is an attack on colour for the sake of differences. There is nothing objective about it. There is no specific wrong colour. (Unless you are talking about the twisted Nazi’s perspectives that every other race is wrong besides the Aryan race.) There is no common enemy for us. In Australia, it is against the Asians. In Singapore it is against the blacks. In America, it is against the Negros. I heard that even red heads are a target of racism. Apparently, they are attacked because they are different. Its nothing personal, but is an attack launched solely due to differences justifiable (maybe understandable would be a better word)? Allow me to explain further exactly how I arrived at the above question.

Are we not each striving to be different from one another? Fashion is constantly changing cause we want to different. Girls hate to wear the same shirts as the babe down the street? Twins tries to sport a different hairstyle in an attempt to secure their individuality? Countries are constantly upgrading their defense force to prevent themselves from having the same level of technology? Space race, missile defense… does that ring a bell? We fight for democracy so we can allow for a number of different voices to be heard instead of the singular voice of autocracy. Despite all the efforts we labored for in the name of uniqueness, we then proceed to shoot ourselves in the foot by practicing racism and condemning the different. Humanity sounds like an awfully confused race to me. No wonder they say people need God.

This makes me wonder, would white Americans experience racism while living in India? Just some food for thought.